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Miami-Dade County is suing the Marlins and Jeffrey Loria to recover profit sharing money, per reports


A few weeks back, it was reported that Miami-Dade County would not benefit from the sale of the Marlins. Despite there being an agreement in place that the county would receive some money from any sale within 10 years of the new stadium being built, it turns out that previous owner Jeffrey Loria found some clauses and loopholes he could use to keep all that money for himself.
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At the time, we were not in the least bit surprised. And nobody else should have been either.

Now, the county is taking things into it’s own hands and suing not only Loria but the Marlins franchise itself to try and recover those profit sharing dollars, according to the Miami Herald’s Doug Hanks.

Details are scarce about the specifics of the lawsuit or which strategy the county is using to attempt to recoup some of this cash. Since they’re also suing the franchise itself, not just Loria, there’s a chance that as the suit drags out the city and new ownership are further mired in frustrations and distrust of each other.
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Which would be a shame. But this is also the Marlins we’re talking about so it’s also not a major surprise that yet another speed bump has been put in the way of the new ownership getting to smoothly take over this team.

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