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3 winners and 3 losers from the NFL’s reunion week


Most of the time, reunions leave us with a bittersweet feeling. Part regret, part nostalgia, and often a need to show how great we’re doing, thanks for asking. It probably wasn’t much different in the NFL during its unofficial reunion week.

On Sunday, bragging rights were on the line between head coaches and their former players, players with their one-time teams, and head coaches against their old teams.

And because there were no ties — although we did get our first overtime game of the season — we were only left with winners and losers from these handful of reunions.

Jason Garrett wasn’t happy, and blamed the poor performance on Prescott’s inability to make plays in the passing game.

“When they play that style of defense, you have to be able to consistently attack with the passing game,” Garrett said, according to the Dallas Morning News. “At different times today, I thought we were able to do that, and at other times we weren’t. We didn’t make the plays, for whatever reason.

“We really needed to have [consistent] success throwing the ball. We were not able to do that.”

Prescott agreed, saying there was “no excuse” for his play.

“I feel if I would have made some of those plays on the outside, I probably would have forced them to get in a zone more than their man coverage that they were in the majority of the night,” Prescott said. “Usually, that’s when our run game hits.

“If I made more plays, we give ourselves a chance in that game. I just simply didn’t make the plays.”
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